jettfrogg is a travel concierge and award booking service
specializing in bespoke travel.

Why We’re Special


We are knowledgeable in all types of trips from romantic holidays to adventures. Our independent vacation planning techniques focus on unique experiences our clients actually want.

Smart Luxury

At jettfrogg, we refer to our brand of travel as “Smart Luxury.“ This approach saves money for our clients by using our in-depth knowledge to circumvent booking fees, work around unnecessary trip additions and find comparable trip components that cost less.


The single biggest reason people give up on independently booking trips is time. We want you to look forward to that trip, not dread the booking process. Let us handle the tedious details, we love them anyway!


With so many blogs and web sites devoted to travel, planning a vacation can be overwhelming. Our decades long obsession with wandering the globe has created a wealth of experience at our clients’ disposal.

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